Featured DEFINITY Installation: I/O Post

In the past twenty years Prague has established itself as a world-leading destination for film making, with an cutting edge post production infrastructure to service both the domestic and the international motion picture industry. In this highly dynamic market I/O Post was founded in 2005. And to thrive in it, a comprehensive digital intermediate workflow was needed, and with it, an advanced digital film recorder.

CEO Jordi Niubo on the decison for CCG's flagship DEFINITY:

We have purchased Definity after half a year of careful comparison tests. We have scanned and compared results from other manufacturers (Arri and Celco) and found that Definity is at least as good a recorder, if not better, as its competitors.

At I/O Post DEFINITY has become part of a DI workflow that revolves around Assimilate Inc.'s SCRATCH Color Correction system with a HD calibrated reference projection. I/O offers film-in via a Lasergraphics Director scanner and a dedicated SCRATCH/RED workflow for their in-house RED cameras. Preserving the color space delineated in both these workflows during film recording is critical.

As with these other elements in their Digital Intermediate workflow, for their film recording I/O consciously looked for a system which would allow them to pass on savings to their clients without compromising on quality:

We found Definity as the best option also because of its very competitive price and also since maintenance and eventual repair costs are at very reasonable level.

With DEFINITY I/O Post is now able to provide a digital intermediate solution suited for both analog and digital origination. However, like many young post production houses I/O Post no longer comes from a strict film background intrinsically linked to laboratory processes. Here a film recorder must operate much like IT equipment, and with a support structure that can rapidly address film-specific issues if they arise:

After more than a year of usage and after recording more than eight feature films we can confirm Definity to be a reliable machine with perfect support from its team in case of possible emergency situations.

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