Introducing DEFINITY LED

DEFINITY's revolutionary dielectric barrier excimer light source has played a vital role in the film recorder's success ever since it was introduced in 2004. Custom-made for CCG by OSRAM, it met photonic requirements no other lighting technology was able to at achieve at the time – in particular the wide gamut necessary for Digital Intermediate and the long wavelengths necessary for fast recording on intermediate film stocks .

With DEFINITY LED, CCG's engineers have utilized recent advances in LED technology to develop a novel light source which takes DEFINITY's performance and image quality to yet another level.

DEFINITY's unique LED array consists of hundreds of tightly-packed monochromatic LEDs – with its photonic design revolving around the same considerations that went into the original light source: Maximize color space, uniformity, and recording speeds.

A key challenge in film recorder design has always been the particular spectral sensitivity of high-quality intermediate stocks: With the cyan layer requiring extremely high levels of red light peaking at 690nm, rather than the standard 635nm. DEFINITY LED array solves this problem with two separate sets of red diodes: long wavelength red for intermediate stocks, and short wavelength for camera negative.

There are, however, very specific challenges with light emitting diodes that had to be mastered first - problems which have many other systems struggle with using LEDs as a reliable, and chromatically stable light source in Digital Intermediate: An LED's emitted spectrum can shift depending on temperature, current, time, batch, and even angle of radiation. These are quantum effects barely visible with the human eye, but very much relevant for DI performance. CCG's engineers have realized an electric and photonic design that circumvents these obstacles, finally unleashing the full potential of LED technology.

And because the array pulses the LEDs color-by-color, it increases not only recording speeds, but also dynamic range and color separation, even beyond the high levels previously achieved.

DEFINITY's modular design allows for an easy upgrade of its central imaging unit: Boosting your DEFINITY's performance by progressing to LED technology can easily be accomplished on-site, avoiding the downtimes often associated with an improvement of this magnitude.

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